Terrell Owens was excited to meet Dabo Swinney

Terrell Owens was excited to meet Dabo Swinney


Terrell Owens was excited to meet Dabo Swinney


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Terrell Owens had no idea, Dabo Swinney was from Alabama.

Yes, that Terrell Owns.

The former NFL star receiver, most notably known for his days with the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys, will be enshrined with Clemson’s head coach Saturday at the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame in Birmingham, Ala..

Swinney and Owens will be enshrined with golf’s Stewart Sink, Alabama football player Johnny Davis, NFL coach Chan Gailey, baseball player Tim Hudson, basketball star Bill Jones, gymnast Kathryn McMinn and American Sportsman Jimmy Rane.

The enshrinement ceremony will take place Saturday at the Sheraton Birmingham.

“I was equally excited just to meet him,” Owens said to The Clemson Insider Friday. “I did not know he was from Alabama. So when I got a call I was inducted and I got the list of all the people that were going in with me, I was like, ‘Man, this is crazy.'”

Owens, who is from Alexander City, Ala., said it just goes to show how many great athletes and people are from the state of Alabama. The six-time Pro Bowl selection said he is a fan of college football, specifically Alabama, and he has watched Swinney turn the Clemson program around from his Los Angeles home.

“When you think about the good programs, and you obviously see what he has done with that program and how he turned it around, there is no secret. When you talk about the success and the success he is having, he is a part of that Alabama tree.

“He has taken that cultural and he has taken it up to South Carolina and is doing some great things up there at Clemson.”

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