Brownell: ‘Next 12 to 24 months critical time in college basketball’

Brownell: ‘Next 12 to 24 months critical time in college basketball’


Brownell: ‘Next 12 to 24 months critical time in college basketball’


Brad Brownell says the next 12 to 24 months is going to be a critical time in college basketball.

On the heels of the FBI investigation into the summer recruiting tournaments involving big-name shoe companies and the Rice Commission Report, the NCAA is facing a critical period on how it tries to grab hold of college basketball and where it goes from here in the future.

Over the next several months, the NCAA will look into the recommendations laid out in the Rice Commission Report that details necessary rule changes to the game, while taking over the summer basketball tournaments which led to widespread corruption and brought the FBI to come in an investigate.

“I think it is really a wait-and-see mode,” Clemson’s head coach said to The Clemson Insider this past week at the ACC Spring Meetings in Amelia Island, Fla. “I certainly, I like the idea of harsher penalties for rule breakers. I don’t think that has been done enough and there is not enough to curtail the interest in recruiting players the wrong way. So I am for that.

“I think there is still a lot more to wait and see. There is still a lot more to come out from the FBI, but I am anxious to see what is going to be next in these twelve or twenty-four months. I think this is going to a critical time in college basketball.”

ACC Commissioner John Swofford feels the same way. In meeting with reporters on Thursday as the league wrapped up its meetings, Swofford said it’s a very eventful time in college athletics and people in college athletics are not going to have a nice relaxing summer some might have thought.

“With the Rice commission, trying to take those concepts at the NCAA level and through a process of turning those concepts into specific legislation to better the game and that entire world within college basketball and surrounding college basketball,” Swofford said, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Clemson director of athletics Dan Radakovich said the people who need to be nervous in college basketball about the Rice Commission Report are on the wrong side of the ledger.

“In trying to make sure that our student athletes have great opportunities both academically and athletically the Rice Commission Reports gives a few ideas there,” Radakovich said to TCI. “Certainly, looking into the one-and-done situation, which they feel is really detrimental to basketball and I happened to agree with that, but that is out of our hands. That is up to the NBA Players’ Association, but there are some ideas that maybe if that does not move quickly enough, maybe we hold on to some scholarships for the individual that leaves for a period of time.”

Radakovich thinks the great thing about the Rice Report, from his perspective, is that a group of people that are knowledgeable about a subject got together within six months and came up with some usable ideas they could hand off to the NCAA and then have it run through its government process fairly quickly.

“I think it will be a model around intercollegiate athletics into the future,” he said. “That committee was chaired incredibly well. They came quickly and very decisively with a set of recommendations that could be a model for things to come in the future.”

Brownell feels it is too early to tell. He says it is hard to have comments in terms of what they are going to see.

“Is the NCAA capable of taking over summer recruiting and eliminating some of the shoe companies, while trying to get that under one umbrella and trying to make that more organized and all of those kinds of things? Maybe! That is a big undertaking,” he said.


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