Greene making the most of his opportunities

Greene making the most of his opportunities


Greene making the most of his opportunities


Although he’s not one of the biggest or flashiest players on the team, Jordan Greene has come up big in clutch situations this whole year for third-ranked Clemson.

Fans will most likely remember his walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth inning to beat Florida State in the rubber match at Doug Kingsmore Stadium on May 7.

As a player who saw limited action in the beginning of the season and has now transformed into an important part of the lineup not only offensively, but for his skills at second base as well, Greene stayed patient and took advantage of his opportunity when it came.

“You always have to stay prepared,” Greene said before Clemson’s practice Friday. “It can always change over time so you just have to be on your feet. You have to be ready whenever your opportunity comes. It’s awesome to be able to play a more important role now.”

Not only has Greene impressed people with his skills on the field, but he also has new fans in the stands. Greene is known for the different messages and phrases he writes on his sleeves while playing and a new phrase that he recently wrote on it said, “Go Bubba.”

“It’s about a little girl named Savanna and she’s adorable. I can’t even describe how cute she is,” he said. “She and I get along really well. She said I was her favorite player. I’m her biggest fan too.

“She likes me because I’m small. She likes to play good defense so she says she really relates to me and she asked me one day if I’d write ‘Go Bubba’ on my sleeve so of course I did it for her.”

Greene has continued to produce in the ACC Tournament so far. In Thursday’s must-win game against Miami he went 1-for-3 with a run batted in. His two-out single to left field came during Clemson’s six-run sixth inning.

He also had three RBIs in the Tigers’ win over Notre Dame on Wednesday.

“I took either a 3-0 pitch or 2-0 pitch,” he said. “It was right there and I was mad at myself but I thought he was going to throw it again because I kind of started my hips but I looked kind of hesitant on it.

“It got in on me a little bit but I knew he was going to throw something like it again so I was sitting on it. I was able to get the bat head out so I felt like it was a pretty good swing on a pitch I could handle pretty well.”

The Tigers’ offense is on fire right now and they always seem to have one big inning where they just simply dominate. Their hitting has been described as contagious over and over again and that’s exactly how they need to keep it to continue their run in the tournament.

“Our offense is a microwave man,” Greene said. “As soon as one thing starts to pop it’s like the whole bag explodes. It’s contagious, hitting is contagious. Our momentum is unreal right now. In our minds, we can’t be beat. That’s a dangerous thing to have with a team like ours. There’s so much talent.”



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