Caldwell is excited about his offensive line

Caldwell is excited about his offensive line


Caldwell is excited about his offensive line


SUNSET, S.C. — Clemson offensive line coach Robbie Caldwell spoke with the media Tuesday morning at Dabo Swinney’s media golf outing at The Reserve at Lake Keowee.

Caldwell on where his younger player will play:

“Everybody has played multiple positions. Justin Falcinelli plays guard and center… Gage Cervenka… Cade Stewart plays all three — center, guard and tackle. We haven’t moved the younger ones around much… Matt Bockhorst can play either guard. I love where everyone is at right now mentally and physically. They are coaching each other. It is fun what I am hearing so I am interested to see it.”

Caldwell on Mitch Hyatt’s return:

“Tremendously excited… I wasn’t surprised that he came back knowing Mitch. He is the kind of guy who is a competitor. He loves the challenge. Long term, he would love to be a first-round (pick) but Mitch is going to be great even if they take him in the last round.”

Caldwell on how Hyatt has grown:

“Mitch came in here about 270 pounds and now he is at around 315. Putting on fat is easy but muscle mass is a lot tougher job. He has maintained his strength and has really progressed over time. The next level will not be a huge transition for him. We really are trying to keep him healthy all year. He does not make excuses. He doesn’t give up sacks or make many mistakes.”

Caldwell on Justin Falcinelli:

“Falcinelli sacrificed a lot. He did not want to play center and I asked him to. He will do whatever you want and he is such a great young man. He played tackle primarily in high school and he is one that could definitely play all three positions for us. He has adjusted now and did really well. He can give us leadership too that he didn’t know he could give.”

Caldwell on recruiting for the offensive line:

“To me, I know what I want and what I am looking for. It is getting harder to find because of the game we play today. There is so much more throwing. We used to teach everyone had to pass block but now we have to teach everyone how to run block. You really have to learn how to adjust. I look for guys who are able to step equally well with both feet, use their hands, keep their eyes up… All of those things are hard and you don’t know if they were taught that. Do they work hard? Do they give effort? It may be harder at the lower levels because you only have one or two coaches coaching everybody. I coach every snap and every play.”



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