Streeter says quarterbacks will have to earn it

Streeter says quarterbacks will have to earn it


Streeter says quarterbacks will have to earn it


SUNSET, S.C. – Clemson quarterbacks coach Brandon Streeter talked to the media Tuesday during Dabo Swinney’s media golf outing at The Reserve at Lake Keowee.

Streeter on dual quarterbacks

“I think it starts with does that individual or does that quarterback earn that. They have to earn it first. If they earn playing time, then there is a lot of different ways you can play two quarterbacks or three quarterbacks. I’ve seen it done before, so I think it is all about how you present it, how you prepare for it, but we have a couple of guys who that have different parts of their game that they are better at than others. When you have a couple different kinds of quarterbacks it can be really stressful for the defense. We will see how this thing pans out, but it is definitely something that we have talked about or considered, especially if they have earned it.”

Streeter on plan at quarterback

“The plan is to go into that first game with a plan of who is going to play and how much they’re going to play. The plan is for at least those first three guys, they’re going to play. How much, that will be determined by preseason camp, their performance in preseason scrimmages and their performance in those first games, especially that first game and the first couple games. But they’re all going to play.”

Streeter on who his starting quarterback is

“Kelly is the guy right now. There is no mistake about it. He has earned it. He is the guy who is going to go out there first, especially the beginning of preseason camp. He has improved every single semester that he has been here. And obviously, we have talented guys that are right there with him too that are going to have an opportunity.”

Streeter on what he wants from his No. 1 quarterback

“Being able to manage the game in a consistent manner. So, being that consistent performer in practice and scrimmages. The worst thing as a quarterback’s coach or any coach is putting a guy out there that you don’t put trust in, or you are not sure exactly how they are going to respond to the performance and to the atmosphere. So, you look for consistency and who can be that consistent rock and that these guys know that he can lead them down the field and score some touchdowns.”

Streeter on if Lawrence is ready for the atmosphere at Texas A&M

“I don’t know if anybody is really ready for that environment…He has a unique ability to have so much poise, similar to Deshaun, where the pressure really doesn’t bother him. I would be shocked if it really bothered him in those bigger situations. I mean, by no means is any freshman going to go out there and be perfect, but he is the type of kid who can shrug it off and move on and be very successful.”


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