There’s very little drama when it comes to Trevor Lawrence

There’s very little drama when it comes to Trevor Lawrence


There’s very little drama when it comes to Trevor Lawrence

Though he has been mentioned by just about everyone, and he is in all of the preseason magazines as the guy pushing Kelly Bryant to be Clemson’s starting quarterback, it’s easy to assume all the hype about Trevor Lawrence’s might be in his head a little. If he was any other freshman that might be the case, but Lawrence isn’t like most guys his age.

Being in the spotlight is normal for the nation’s No. 1 player coming out of high school. It has been this way since he was freshman at Cartersville (Ga.) High School, and in a way, it has grounded him more than anything.

“I’m not worried about Trevor,” Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney said. “He is one of the most low maintenance guys … I know he looks like Fabio and he looks like he is a lot of drama and all of that stuff, but he is no drama. He is one of the best kids you will ever be around.

“He was that way in recruiting. He committed to me in December of his junior year and he never asked me about another quarterback. We had Kelly, Hunter (Johnson), Chase (Brice) and he never said a word. He said, ‘This is what I want to do Coach,’ and it was over. It was done.”

Swinney continued by saying Lawrence was not a guy who continued to talk to other schools. Once he committed to Clemson he ended the recruiting process, and obviously stayed loyal to the Tigers.

“He is very focused,” the Clemson coach said. “This kid has had a lot of attention on him for a long time. I think he is well prepared for kind of all the drama that comes with being the quarterback at Clemson.”

Lawrence was the No. 1 player in the country by Rivals and 247 in the 2018 recruiting class. In high school, he became a starter in his third game as a freshman and proceeded to go 52-2, including a 41-game winnings streak.

He led Cartersville to back-to-back state championships as a sophomore and as a junior. He broke Deshaun Watson’s career records in the state of Georgia with 13,908 passing yards and 161 career touchdowns. Even more amazing was the fact he threw just 21 interceptions in his high school career.

“I have been recruiting him since he was a freshman,” Clemson quarterbacks coach Brandon Streeter said. “Anytime there was pressure on him or it was a big game, like when they played Bartram Trail last year on ESPN and the whole country is watching, he had his best game of the year.

“If you had to pick one game that was the game he was the best at and he was great in a lot of them. He has a unique ability to have so much poise, similar to Deshaun, where the pressure really does not bother him.”

Lawrence demonstrated a little bit of his poise in the spring game, when he threw for 122 yards on 11-of-16 passes, including a 50-yard touchdown pass to Tee Higgins that he just dropped right into Higgins’ arms in the end zone.

“By no means is any freshman going to go out there and be perfect,” Streeter said. “But he can shrug it off and move on and be very successful.”


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