Renfrow excited to get back to work

Renfrow excited to get back to work


Renfrow excited to get back to work


Clemson wide receiver Hunter Renfrow talked to the media Friday evening after the first day of fall practice.

Renfrow on Kelly Bryant and Trevor Lawrence

“They’re both incredible. We were with them back in the spring so not much has changed with them all summer. They can both sling it.”

Renfrow on the first day atmosphere

“The first day is just a lot of excitement. It was good weather. It was overcast most of the day so we didn’t get the toughness of it yet, I guess. We didn’t have pads on today either. But a lot of excitement and just anxious to get the season going. Get some of these new freshmen out here and see what they can do.”

Renfrow on safety K’Von Wallace

“All of the them can hang with me if I don’t bring it. I think K’Von is a guy that is physical and he does a good job and he’s a pretty good player. I think he is going to be pretty special when he leaves here.”

Renfrow on his relationship with Drew Swinney

“It’s cool, he had his first day and I was asking him how it went. It looked like he was barely sweating just because he’s been around it so much. Had a good summer with it. He and Will just came in and they know the whole play book so I’m excited to have him out there. He made a few plays today.”

Renfrow on if anything has changed with his approach

“Nothing changes. It’s a battle out here everyday. We have competition. Every single year everyone gets better it seems like. So competition is the same. You have to have that one rep mentality because you will get exposed out here.”


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