Renfrow says QB battle will not tear the team apart

Renfrow says QB battle will not tear the team apart


Renfrow says QB battle will not tear the team apart


Tony Elliott feels Kelly Bryant came out to the first practice on Friday and looked like a man playing with a lot of confidence.

Of course Clemson’s starting quarterback has been under fire ever since the spring game when freshman Trevor Lawrence became the favor of the fan base after he slung the ball all around Death Valley back in April, hitting wide receiver Tee Higgins on a couple of deep passes.

However, Bryant came into camp looking like the same old confident and fun loving Kelly Bryant that he always has been.

“Again, he is going to have to have that every day,” Clemson’s co-offensive coordinator said following Friday night’s practice. “Trevor is going to have to have it every day. Chase (Brice) is going to have to have it every day. I think as a whole those guys came out really, really confident. They are going to be challenged and hopefully we can maintain that confidence.”

Wide receiver Hunter Renfrow said Bryant and Lawrence looked incredible and not much has changed.

“They both can sling it,” he said.

Renfrow says the media, fans and others on the outside are trying to make a story of the Tigers’ quarterback battle and how it can affect the team as a whole. He said there is no issue. He says they are a team and they support each other.

“We are going to cheer for each other,” the senior leader said. “It does not matter if it is Kelly out there, Trevor, Chase or (Ben) Batson. It does not really matter who runs out there. We are going to go have fun and enjoy playing football.”

Renfrow understands the two quarterbacks are different players. He admits Bryant is a guy who can do things on the ground and is a very good manager of the offense. He also said he can put the ball where he needs to.

However, he says Lawrence can do the same thing and he has a live arm.

“So, we will see how it goes,” Renfrow said with a laugh.

As for Elliott, he just wants his quarterbacks to go out, have fun and enjoy the competition. He wants them to all play confident and let the rest take care of itself. He says the same goes for the entire offense, not just the quarterbacks.

“I told the guys in post-practice that we want to be fast, physical and confident,” the Clemson coach said. “We are going to play fast because we are going to go against the best defense every day in practice and if we can except the challenge, then we are going to be confident by the time we tee off in September.”


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