Swinney eager to get fall camp started

Swinney eager to get fall camp started


Swinney eager to get fall camp started

Friday marked the first day of fall camp for second-ranked Clemson. Although this seems to be one of the most talented teams overall going into the season, Swinney and the players know how much work needs to be done in order to reach the ultimate goal of becoming National Champions again.

Swinney spoke with the media on Friday at the Allen Reeves Football Complex and touched on several topics including the quarterback and kicking battle, Richard Yeargin’s injury update, and his goals going into this year’s camp.

Swinney on reps between Kelly Bryant and Trevor Lawrence

“We aren’t doing anything different because of who is here. We go in different groups and our 1s and 2s are getting the same amount of reps. If we have three guys who are even we try to mix it up and make it as even as possible. We have to mix it up so that we can give ourselves a fair advantage of our team. If you have a walk-on left tackle blocking Xavier Thomas it will affect your third team QB so we have to mix it up.”

Swinney on Richard Yeargin gaining another year

“Yeargin is back as well and he actually gets this year and next year because of the new rule,” Swinney said. “He feels great but it’s been a while since he played football.”

Swinney on the kicking battle

“We’ve got a serious kicking situation going on right there,” Swinney said. “We know what Greg Huegel can do. He is back, healthy, ready to go… He’s excited, and Alex Spence, what a spring he had. Really finished strong and carried that momentum into the spring and had a great spring. We’ve got BT Potter here who is an amazing talent. We’ve got (Steven) Sawicki… So, I’m excited to see that competition. It’s going to be as good as any.”

Swinney’s goals going into camp

“We have to get our installation going but these guys have been out here all summer,” Swinney said. “We need to get the young guys up to speed and situate our depth as well as do some evaluation. Spring is different because you practice every other day but this will be faster and the guys will have a lot more coming at them but we get into full pads around practice five we will try to jump to another level for the second five days of practice.”

Swinney compares this year’s team to 2016 National Championship team

“They were a very talented team but we probably have more depth on this team. But that’s all to be determined. That team was resilient, that team was committed, that team did something that hadn’t been done here in a long time, so it’s kind of hard to compare that team to this team.”



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