Wilkins on Lawrence: ‘He is good enough to dominate’

Wilkins on Lawrence: ‘He is good enough to dominate’


Wilkins on Lawrence: ‘He is good enough to dominate’


A fourth of Clemson’s defensive line, defensive tackle Christian Wilkins, spoke with the media after Day 4 of fall camp on Tuesday.

It is not beyond Wilkins that he and his fellow linemen are something special. They did just grace the cover of Sports Illustrated, but he discussed just how they became the best.

Wilkins discusses the power rangers being on the cover of Sports Illustrated

“It was good. It’s always good to be with my guys, no matter where it is, if it’s with the D-line it’s always fun. It’s definitely something we will appreciate more when we are in our 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s…when our time is done playing the game.”

Wilkins on transitioning with Coach Todd Bates

“He doesn’t necessarily have to focus on the whole group. He just has the two interior guys, and he can put his all into us. I just love him as a coach in general. He gives you his all each and every day, and he makes me personally give that back to him.”

Wilkins on being a mentor to Dexter Lawrence

“I always let him know how good he is, and that he is good enough to dominate. He feels like I’m a guy he can lean on and talk to about anything. I’m just being a big brother to him.”

Wilkins on how Dexter Lawrence helped his development

“I know I’ve been a big part in his life and his development, but he’s meant just as much to me if not more. On the personal side I’ve never had a little brother, and he’s under my wing since he got here. He embraced being the little brother. He’s the big brother in his family situation, so at certain times he has had to check me and tell me to grow up or tell me when I shouldn’t be doing something.”

Wilkins on Jordan Williams

“Dexter is my first born son and Jordan is my second born. When I look at Jordan I see someone who can be a really great player, so I’m always on him. Young guys tend to do things wrong and get discouraged, but I’m always challenging him to be great because I see that him. His game be somewhere between a mix of me and Carlos. I’m trying to bring that out of him.”



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