Due to an abundance of talent, Clemson not set on firm depth chart

Due to an abundance of talent, Clemson not set on firm depth chart


Due to an abundance of talent, Clemson not set on firm depth chart


Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney is not afraid to move one player over another if he sees the other guy is out performing him.

“When you have that culture it keeps the backups going and working,” co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott said. “They just don’t say, ‘Well I am not going to get an opportunity,’ and just sit down. So, I really like that. I like to see how many guys are out here competing and making plays.”

Because of the Tigers’ “Best is the Standard” motto, Scott says they will not have a firm depth chart the Thursday before the Furman game and maybe for most of the season. Besides quarterback, where Kelly Bryant is doing all he can to hang on to his job and beat out freshman Trevor Lawrence, Clemson also has position battles going on at running back, tight end, wide receiver and on the offensive line.

It is the same way on defense. No job is safe, especially considering the Tigers have signed top 5 and top 10 recruiting classes in each of the last four years.

“Part of our culture is competing every day and best is the standard,” Scott said. “We have been very fortunate to recruit very well. If you don’t bring it one day, you are going to get passed by. Coach Swinney has already shown this staff is not afraid to move the next guy up and give him opportunities.”

A lot of guys took advantage of their opportunities in Saturday’s 106-play scrimmage at Death Valley.

Scott said Swinney recently told his staff a statistic where it showed Clemson played more players last year than any other school in the ACC. It is stuff like that proves Swinney and his coaches will play their best players if they are ready to play.

“Obviously, winning the ACC and being the top team in the ACC, and obviously we have some talented guys, but that speaks to the depth and the willingness to put guys out there. I think our offense looks at it that way.

“When we start from the top offensively, you have Tony (Elliott) and myself as co-coordinators. That right there, starting at the top, shows this is a collaborative effort. This is not about one person.”



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