Venables disappointed with his defense

Venables disappointed with his defense


Venables disappointed with his defense


Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables spoke with the media following Saturday’s 106-play scrimmage.

Venables says he has been very pleased with the defense’s performance in camp until Saturday. He was very disappointed with the defense and how they played overall.

The Clemson coach believes there is still a lot work to be done before the Tigers’ season-opener against Furman on Sept. 1.

Venables on overall defensive performance

I thought we came out and the first two plays, we played well. The third play we played well except we lined up offside, and we played a little inconsistent from there. The second group came out and went three-and-out, so they came back and played well. We come back and same thing on the third down. A guy jumps offside and were lined offside another time. Had a facemask, and on a three-deep coverage we let someone run by us. We were very inconsistent. From what I saw today we have a lot of work to do.”

Venables on how the defense is meeting his expectations

“Until today I thought we performed very well. Just disappointing that we didn’t have the kind of intensity, passion or focus on the details. First down, second down, then you get down to third down and you defend it well, then somebody is offside. You can’t do those little things, but those are some things we have done in practice. So that is a decision, guys have got to decide to be disciplined.”

Venables on the outstanding players at the scrimmage  

“Judah Davis stood out. He was physical. He was flying all over and making good plays. Tre Lamar, Kendall Joseph, and J.D. Davis were really good today. It’s hard to tell with those guys up front, but not nearly good enough.”

Venables on cornerback Kyler McMichael

“He’s in great shape. He’s been a workout warrior for a long time, so he’s not frail. He’s not timid. He comes from a very good program. He’s a tough kid, real competitive and a guy who never left the field in high school. If he lined up, I bet you he would break into that two-deep in a good tailback situation. He’d be a two-deep guy.”

Venables on the new cornerbacks      

“They’re working and have been getting better. They aren’t ready to play every down yet, but they are working hard.”



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