Mullen says Higgins has 'gotten a lot better'

Mullen says Higgins has 'gotten a lot better'


Mullen says Higgins has 'gotten a lot better'


Clemson cornerback Trayvon Mullen spoke to the media Monday evening following practice at Jervey Meadows in Clemson.

The junior was asked about several topics, including stepping up as a veteran, what he still needs to improve on and what young guys have caught his eye.

Mullen on becoming a veteran

“It’s interesting, just thinking back when I was in those shoes with a lot of older guys and how I looked up to the older guys and just watched them compete and work hard in the meeting room and get better. It just helped my role even better trying to help them. They helped me compete at a higher level as well.”

Mullen on where he’s looking to improve most

“Just knowing what to do, knowing how to do it, when to do it. A lot of things technique wise, zone coverage and just having the mindset of, ‘I’m going to win every play.’ Just out-competing everybody.”

Mullen on leaving early for NFL

“I mean I’m sure (it’s a goal) but that’s not really my focus. I’m just trying to get better right now where I’m at. Just help the younger guys, just compete each week and try to be my best. If it does happen, it happens.”

Mullen on the wide receivers

“All of them are pretty good. But as far as impressing me I like Amari Rodgers. Tee Higgins has stepped up into a bigger role. I feel like he’s gotten a lot better from the spring and summer. Tee Higgins just grew, grew, grew and I love growing with him because I feel like he helps me get better each and every day.”

Mullen on freshman Mario Goodrich

“He’s pretty good, he has the talent. I feel like he can be a good athlete. He just has to get in his books and bring the edge every day that he is going to get better. I feel like when he gets accustomed he will be a lot better.”


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