Huegel feeling 100 percent

Huegel feeling 100 percent


Huegel feeling 100 percent


With fall camp in the books for second-ranked Clemson, one area of interest is the kicking situation. With Greg Huegel back from last year’s season-ending knee injury, competition for the starting spot between him and Alex Spence has been intense.

However, with Huegel feeling 100 percent, he has come out of camp as the Tigers’ starting kicker once again.

Drawing back on past experiences

“I don’t think there’s much mental strain anymore since I can drawback on the first two years that I was kicking so I could easily look back on those. Another thing that helped out was the spring game. I didn’t know how I completely felt about it at first to be honest because I hadn’t kicked in a long time, but just being out in front of the Clemson family for the first time in a while was a good feeling.”

Huegel on toughest part of recovery

“The toughest part would just be going in there with a positive mind set every single day. Just because somedays where you don’t really want to go out there or go into rehab and lift all the weights by yourself when everyone else is out there practicing. Those were the toughest times.”

Huegel on appreciation of the game

“I definitely have it. Being able to start the first two years, that is an absolute blessing and even if I don’t get the starting job coming back I thank God every day for those opportunities. Being able to work back to that would mean the absolute world to me. Just having to sit in my apartment during the away games and (the team) compete without me … that was pretty tough.”

How are the coaches coaching Huegel

“They’re coaching me the exact same way. I’m honestly thankful for that just because they’re not looking at me like I’m injured, like I’m maybe not back yet. From day one, once I started kicking again it was like I was never injured and now they’re cool with me pushing myself harder.”

Huegel on when he felt 100 percent

“I felt back to one hundred percent probably like two weeks before fall camp. That’s right around when I ditched the brace and ever since then I haven’t looked back. I felt confident that day and I was hitting the ball well and I wanted see what it was like without the knee brace.”



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