Choice has worked hard to be a better running back

Choice has worked hard to be a better running back


Choice has worked hard to be a better running back


Clemson running back Adam Choice spoke with the media on Tuesday as the second-ranked Tigers get set to take on Furman Saturday in the season-opener for both schools.

Choice on being second named second on the RB depth chart

“That’s a funny story. I actually didn’t see it. My mom called me last night and said, ‘I feel like congratulations are in order.’ I asked for what, so she told me then. Honestly all that stuff doesn’t matter in our room. We are still a group of competitive running backs. We are all very worthy of playing, and we are all gonna play. We are working on pushing on each other. The depth chart gives the fans something to look at.”

Choice on his amount of reps he has been getting

“Somebody told me once that it’s not how many reps you get, but it’s what you do with your reps. I’ve just adapted that mindset, and I try and make the most of every opportunity I get. I just go about my business the right way.”

Choice on becoming a better running back  

“It has definitely been a journey. Coming into Clemson out of high school I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Pass protection was something I had never done, and it didn’t make it easier going up against guys like Stephone (Anthony), Tony (Steward), Ben (Boulware), and BJ (Goodson). They went through me every time. But ball carrying has always been natural for me. It was becoming a complete back for me. I never caught the ball. I never had to pick up any blitzes. Also, I had to learn defenses. Coming out of high school, I didn’t understand what a defensive scheme was.”

Choice on his journey

“I was kind of developing my way, and then I get hurt. Senior year of high school I was hurt, and I bounced back before so I can bounce back again. This time was a little bit different. In high school when I got hurt, I was already the starter. This time I was battling for a job. It was more of a mental battle than it was physical. I was scared to get hit on and I was scared I was going to re-injure myself. Finally, I get back to it and I’m ready to play redshirt sophomore year, and that season did not go how I wanted it to. At this time, I wondered do I even belong here. I talked with my parents and realized I had get back to the basics. That is when faith and how I was raised came back into play. That is when I became confident in myself again.”

Choice on his fall camp

“I actually stayed healthy. My pass protection, I felt like was finally something that I could say I can do this. No matter who is coming, I feel like I can pick up the blitz. I can identify more times that not where the blitz is coming from. Running the ball I just felt fast. I’m taking those steps to become an all-around back.”



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