Swinney says the Tigers are ready to go

Swinney says the Tigers are ready to go


Swinney says the Tigers are ready to go


Clemson football head coach Dabo Swinney spoke with the media after practice on Wednesday to give the final update on his second-ranked Tigers before the season opener against Furman on Saturday at Death Valley.

Swinney on James Skalski

“Nobody’s asked me about Skalski. I’ve been waiting on ya’ll to ask me about Skalski. I’ve told (Brent Venables) that nobody has asked me about Skalski. No he’s been great. He’s ready to go. We’re actually going to try and hold Skalski. We are going to try and see if we can steal a year back with him. That’s our goal. Boy, breaking news! Nobody’s asked me! I can’t just volunteer all the good nuggets. I’ve hinted on it a few times. Now with the redshirt rule, we’ve got options.”

Swinney on playing an FCS program

“We play eleven games that are not FCS. We play a pretty tough schedule every year. For me, it’s been great to play a team in this state, and I think it’s been great for this state and for those programs to be able to support them financially. I’m all for football at all levels. If that goes away, that’s a financial burden on that level. If your schedule is strong enough, no one will discount you for playing a team like that. It’s what makes college football fun. There’s been a lot of times those teams beat those Division I teams. Not just a Cinderella once in a lifetime, I’m talking it has happened several times. It’s fun and it’s exciting.”

Swinney on the health of the team

“We’re in good shape. Milan (Richard) hopefully he’s going to be able to go, and he’s looking better and better. The only other guy in two deep is Noah DeHond. He has a little pinched nerve, but I think he will be alright. Mark Fields is also good.”

Swinney on how the team has improved tremendously

“I’m just really impressed with where we are. We are just so much better. There are three positions where we are light years better at and that’s running back, tight end, and receiver. It’s not even in the same hemisphere as we were this time last year…not even close. If you really think about it Deon (Cain) and Ray-Ray (Mccloud) were really first time starters. (Diondre) Overton hadn’t played hardly. Cornell (Powell) hadn’t played hardly. Amari (Rodgers) was brand new, Tee (Higgins) was brand new and weak, and we really had so much to teach. We are on a whole other level this year, and you add (Justyn) Ross and DK (Derion Kendrick) in there.”

Swinney on playing in the heat

“It’s been hot the last several days…really hot. The guys have done a nice job. You know we’re in good shape. We’re ready to go.”



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