Lawrence excited for himself, the rookies

Lawrence excited for himself, the rookies


Lawrence excited for himself, the rookies


Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence made his college football debut Saturday in Death Valley as the second-ranked Tigers beat Furman, 48-7. The freshman threw three touchdown passes and totaled 137 yards in the victory.

After the game, this is what he had to say to the media.

Lawrence on big plays made by rookies

“It’s really cool just because we have such a veteran team. To see the veterans play well, then also all the young guys play good too. We’re really meshing. We’re playing really well, at the best times. It’s start of the season. It’s exciting for sure.”

Lawrence on his first game

“I wasn’t really nervous. I had a little bit of butterflies before I ran out there for my first series, but other than that wasn’t too nervous. Playing in the spring game kind of prepared me a little bit. Today was definitely more people.”

Lawrence on upcoming games

“Me just handling adversity, and always being ready to play. I’m mentality growing a lot this year, and learning how to study the offense. Having a guy like Kelly in front of me to help and learn for him.”

Lawrence on preparation for the game

“They told me basically just how it happened. Kelly will be going in for some series, then after that I will come in for a little while. After that it wasn’t really planned, it just what they were thinking. Then we just rotated a little bit to finish off the day. Chase came in the second half and did well. It was cool to see us all get in there and make plays.”

Lawrence on his relationship with Kelly Bryant

“We get along really well. We have meetings all the time and we are round each other a lot. We’ve gotten a lot closer since I’ve been here. It’s been really cool. We’re competing, but we have a really good relationship. There’s no bad blood.”



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