Scott says ‘the ideal scenario’ is to keep playing 2 quarterbacks

Scott says ‘the ideal scenario’ is to keep playing 2 quarterbacks


Scott says ‘the ideal scenario’ is to keep playing 2 quarterbacks


Though there is a saying, “Playing two quarterbacks is like playing none at all,” second-ranked Clemson does not consider that to be exactly true.

The Tigers believe, in their case, they can play two quarterbacks and still win, something they will try to do Saturday when they travel to College Station, Texas to take on Texas A&M at Kyle Field. Clemson rotated starter Kelly Bryant and freshman Trevor Lawrence the first three quarters in this past Saturday’s win over Furman.

“For us it is not a major deal,” Scott said on Monday. “It is not something that we spend a lot of time talking about. Some people are playing two quarterbacks because they are trying to find out if they have one good enough to win with. That is a whole different conversation and a whole different worry as a coach.

“For our situation, you have two guys that are very effective. They are similar in some ways and they are different in some ways in what they can bring to the offense.”

Against Furman, Bryant threw for 126 yards and a touchdown, while also running 35 yards for another score. Lawrence became just the second true freshman in Clemson history to throw at least three touchdowns in a game, while completing 9-of-15 passes for 137 yards.

Scott said the game is not called any differently with Lawrence as it is with Bryant and no one on offense reacts differently either.

“My wide receivers, they don’t get in there and say, ‘Who’s in? Okay, he is in there, so I will run this route a little different,’” Scott said. “We take a lot of pride, Coach (Dabo) Swinney takes a lot of pride in playing a lot of people. We take a lot of pride offensively. Both of those guys have (put in the work). We would be thrilled if we have any of those.”

Scott, the Tigers’ quarterback competition is what it is right now, and they are going to let both quarterbacks play until something either changes or it doesn’t. In other words, it is not a concern, right now.

“The ideal scenario for us is that they both play well, and we will figured it from there,” Scott said. “Obviously, Coach Swinney would be the one that will have the ultimate say. We have not even talked about that. We just said, ‘Hey, they did a good job Saturday and as long as they do a good job in practice this week then we are going to keep playing them and hopefully they will both play well all year long and that is literally as far as we have gotten.

“Do I think it is a benefit if you have, legitimately, two guys that you can win with and both of them get a chance to play? Yes, I do. At some point, somebody may get hurt and you are not pulling a guy off the bench that has not played all year.”

To break it all down, Clemson is playing two quarterbacks against the Aggies on Saturday, and it might be that way for a while.



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