Bryant's performance was a reflection of his character

Bryant's performance was a reflection of his character


Bryant's performance was a reflection of his character


Although it was not the smoothest performance by No. 2 Clemson, the Tigers did make it out of College Station, Texas with a win against Texas A&M. Co-offensive coordinator Tony Elliott spoke to the media on Monday about the positives from the game, but also some of the areas Clemson needs to clean up.

Elliott on one-score games

“I think it’s conformation that Coach (Swinney) talks about all the time that we’re built for this. When you look at Coach’s record in one-score games obviously he has proven that we are built for moments like this. It’s a great challenge and obviously at times adversity hurts. You don’t like it but you know it’s necessary. So this was necessary adversity for us to be able to grow. If we want to be able to grow into a great offense and we want to be a great team we need to take this learning experience and go get better.”

Elliott on mistakes made at Texas A&M

“I think you need to approach every game as an opportunity to get better. We know we have some things we need to clean up and we are going to get better. We are going to work our butts off in practice and get ready to play the next game on the schedule- Georgia Southern.”

Elliott on Kelly Bryant

“He’s just being who Kelly Bryant is. The way that he’s handled the situation is just a reflection of his character. He’s an unbelievable human being, an unbelievable young man, and he’s found a way to not let what’s going on outside around him infiltrate his mind. He’s able to stay focused and just focus on himself.”

Elliott on Travis Etienne

“So definitely want to get him as many touches as possible while still spreading the ball around. You’ve got Tee (Higgins), you’ve got Amari (Rodgers) that can make plays, you’ve got guys all over the field that can make plays. And again, a lot of the things are called, and depending upon the structure of the defense, it might be a called run with the throw outlet, and they took away the run and we’ve got to go with the pass.”

Elliott on Tavien Feaster

“Feaster’s been good. His attitude is positive. He’s actually increased his intensity in practice. And again, part of it was when he came into camp, he was hampered a little bit, so it’s taken him a little bit of time to get himself back into really feeling good.”



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