Stewart afraid of Big Dex?

Stewart afraid of Big Dex?


Stewart afraid of Big Dex?


Clemson Offensive lineman Cade Stewart started at right guard on Saturday at Texas A&M. He talked to the media Monday morning about his experience at Kyle Field.

Stewart on Dexter Lawrence

“When I was redshirting, we were playing Georgia Tech that week. Georgia Tech doesn’t have a cut and I remember I made too far of a cut and I hurt Dexter…I messed him up and that made him really mad. Dexter picked me up and slammed me…I was like ‘wow’…I’m 300 pounds myself and I just got picked up and slammed. He terrified me after that.”

Stewart on Clemson’s local connections

“It’s been cool it really has. You walk into the locker room every day and see guys like J.D. and Judah Davis, Will Swinney, there’s a lot of us (locals). So we get to be the role models for the guys 10 minutes down the street at Daniel High School. They look up to you. You don’t want to disappoint them so you always want to make sure you represent yourself well.”

Stewart on starting at Texas A&M

“It was awesome. It was like nothing I have ever experienced. Being from around here, you grow up and see how big it  (Clemson) grows. You see these guys and look up to them. You think you could never be like them and then you get here and realize you can be like them. I really enjoyed it and felt almost like a hometown hero.”

Stewart on being nervous

“Honestly every game since I was a little kid…I also get butterflies before that first hit. I always get jitters and hope I don’t mess up there and then after the first hit, it’s just about the ball.”

Stewart on the o-line’s performance

“There were 105,000 people so it was really tough. But I think we communicated well. We had a bunch of decisions to make going through the week about how we were going to handle this crowd. I think we did a really good job of handling it .”



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