Tigers forced inside to practice

Tigers forced inside to practice


Tigers forced inside to practice


It had nothing to do with the weather

Though the remnants of Hurricane Florence are not expected to be in the Clemson area until sometime Sunday, the Clemson football team was forced to practice inside at the Poe Indoor Practice Facility Wednesday thanks to a broken sprinkler which flooded the outside practice fields overnight on Tuesday.

“It is a good thing we have an indoor practice facility,” Swinney said.

Florence was the topic of the day on the Clemson campus as the university announced earlier in the day Saturday’s game against Georgia Southern was moved from a 3:30 p.m. start to a noon kick at Death Valley.

The Clemson-Georgia Southern game is the only college game in the state of South Carolina not moved to another location or canceled. As of Wednesday night, the forecast for Saturday is partly cloudy with a 10-percent chance of rain in the afternoon. The evening is most cloudy with a 20-percent chance.

“Just tell me when to play,” Swinney said. “My job is to get the team ready. Everybody else’s job is to tell me when to show up. So, we will play whenever. We will play tomorrow if we need to. We can play whenever we need to. My job is to just be ready.”

Swinney offered his thoughts and prayers for all of those on the coast who will be affect by Florence when she makes landfall sometime early Friday morning.

“There is a lot going on obviously. This is just a monster storm. Who knows what could happen? Who knows,” Swinney said. “You just have to rely on the folks … this is what they do. This is their expertise and I’m still praying somehow and some way the good Lord will calm this thing down.

“Hopefully, everybody is preparing and is getting out of harms way. Stuff can be replaced. Things can be rebuilt, but lives are precious. Hopefully, everybody has had plenty of time to prepare.”

Speaking of preparation, Swinney says the Tigers had a good week of practice, perhaps the best Wednesday practice to date. He said they were locked in and focused.

“We are kind of in our own world over here,” Swinney said. “We are not on the coast. It is a little bit different for us.”

However, despite the focus there are still six players on the team whose families live on the coast and had to evacuate to the Upstate. The NCAA now allows the schools to assist players families in the case of a natural disaster.

“We do have six or seven guys whose families have been making arrangements to get out and get here and all of that type of stuff, and put a plan in place,” Swinney said. “So that has been it.

“But, it has been a great week of practice. Our guys do a good job that when we cross the lines, they have football focus. This has been a week were a lot is going on, but they have been really locked in at practice.”

Captains can run down the Hill. Clemson linebacker J.D. Davis, along with his brother and fellow linebacker Judah, tight end Cannon Smith and wide receiver Hunter Renfrow will be the captains for Saturday’s game. Earlier this week, J.D. Davis approached Swinney if he could still run down the hill even though he was the captain.

Swinney had no issue with it and told Davis he can run over to where the captains meet after he gets to the bottom of the hill.

Injury update. Clemson tight end Garrett Williams (sprained knee) is doing much better this week and Swinney expects him to be ready to play in Saturday’s game.

Freshman defensive tackle Jordan Williams will probably not play according to the Clemson coach. However, Williams has had a good week and Swinney expects him to be ready to play for the Georgia Tech game.

Both Garrett Williams and Jordan Williams missed the Texas A&M game due to injury.


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