Despite questions, Bryant continues to get job done

Despite questions, Bryant continues to get job done


Despite questions, Bryant continues to get job done


Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant proved himself in the Texas A&M game this past Saturday with his poise and moxie.

The senior spoke with the media Monday at the Poe Indoor practice facility in Clemson about the game on Saturday and here is what he had to say.

Bryant on his performance at Texas A&M

“I already had confidence in myself. There were always questions brought up about my game…can’t do this, can’t do that. I just stayed the course and continue to just grind and just do my job. Being a leader on this offense and to continue to work. That’s always been my story and the story for this offense. I’ve always been questioned and doubted, but just finding the ways to get the job done.”

Bryant on his morale on the sidelines

“It’s a long game. On the road, there can be a lot of ups and downs, especially when you’re playing a good opponent like A&M. You’ve got to give credit to those guys. They made plays as well. Communicating on the sideline and making sure the guys stay up. We were going three-and-out for some series, so being engaged with the guys and making sure the morale is up on the sidelines.”

Bryant on having big-game experience

“It’s something I lean on. Especially since I watched it for my first two years and last year being thrown in the fire. Now being able to lean on those experiences to help and helping other guys as well. Think they did the same thing as well. We are an experienced team, and we have been there.”

Bryant on the offense becoming more explosive

“We want to be more of an explosive offense, get the explosive plays back. I feel like we did that last week. Open up the whole offense, we can make plays down field. We can soften the coverage where we can run the ball. We give the defenses something they have to look for, not just stacking the box.”


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