Etienne: ‘We are a reflection of our offensive line’

Etienne: ‘We are a reflection of our offensive line’


Etienne: ‘We are a reflection of our offensive line’


Travis Etienne and the second-ranked Clemson Tigers defeated Georgia Southern 38-7 Saturday at Death Valley. After the game, Etienne took time to speak to the media about the game.

Etienne on Clemson blocking

“As a running back we are a reflection of our offensive line. Having the line go out and do their job, and the receivers really just doing a great job of blocking on the outside. As a running back it really helps us out. We really need that in our offense to be successful.”

Etienne on his “violent” running

“It’s just a mentality. Thinking about all of the guys I looked up to growing up, I got it from them. Always having that mentality of no one can bring me down.”

Etienne on whether this is one of his best games in a Clemson uniform

“I mean yardage wise yeah, but I feel like there were a lot of things left out there and things that I didn’t do. I feel like technique wise it wasn’t my best game but when it comes to yardage it was one of them.”

Etienne on the running game breaking the 300-yard mark

“I feel like everyone went in there and did their job. Just doing what we always do in practice. We just go in there and bring everything we can to the table. Lyn-J (Dixon) just runs desperate, if he needs to get the yards he’s going to get them. Adam (Choice) was down because of his fumble, but he came back with a different mentality and showed what he can do. I feel like Tavien (Feaster) had his best game today. There was one play where there was nothing there but he blew it up, got those ten yards and a first down.”

Etienne on how far he’s come and how he got there

“I’ve definitely come a long way and I feel like it’s more just watching film. Just taking into account everything coach says in practice and being able to transmit it into the game and being able to just learn. Going in there and making mistakes and not replicating the same mistakes I’ve done. I really feel like I came a long way.”

Etienne on the game slowing down for him

“The game has definitely slowed down. Last year I couldn’t even read a defensive front when I was out there. Just having a year of experience and going against our defense every day and seeing them go out there shifting and moving has helped. Not only can I read the front, but I can see the secondary now. I’ve really come a long way reading the defense.”



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