Choice: 'This journey has not been an ideal one'

Choice: 'This journey has not been an ideal one'


Choice: 'This journey has not been an ideal one'


Clemson running back Adam Choice spoke to the media Monday morning about the Georgia Southern game last Saturday and what to expect from Georgia Tech Saturday in Atlanta.

Choice on offenses’ slow start Saturday

“We were moving the ball well. We just had that one crucial mistake that kind of killed the whole drive. It wasn’t anything that we haven’t practiced before. We just kind of kept shooting ourselves in the foot. That is something we need to clean up.”

Choice on perseverance

“This journey has not been an ideal one. It hasn’t been one that I had planned for. At the end of the day, I still push through and do everything that comes my way. I believe that I am making the most of every situation. That’s really what it comes down to.”

Choice on younger, talented guys

“There are plenty of guys in the locker room with me that have been grinding and shine later. Dorian O’Daniel blew up his junior and senior year. Then you have guys like Justin Falcinelli that started his junior year and he’s been a consistent player. Not all of us are like Deshaun and Hunter Renfrow or someone who comes in freshman year and boom, they get it.”

Choice on starting ACC play

“I believe that it’s going to create a different buzz in the locker room. Every game is a big game like Coach Swinney says, the next game is the biggest game of the year. But, to get into conference play, it’s just another chance to work towards our team goals- the next one is to win the division so it gives us the opportunity to work towards that.”

Choice on quarterbacks

“We believe that the coaches know what they are doing. We practice all guys so the offense is comfortable with all of them. The train keeps rolling. Whoever is in, we go preform. No matter who is in, we are confident that they will get the job done.”



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