Swinney says Johnson is an underrated coach

Swinney says Johnson is an underrated coach


Swinney says Johnson is an underrated coach


Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney knows how important the game this coming Saturday is for his football team. It’s the first conference game and a win will be a step towards a team goal of winning the division.

At his weekly press conference Swinney spoke on about Georgia Tech and how good of a good Paul Johnson is.

Swinney on Paul Johnson being underrated

“Paul Johnson is a great football coach. He’s been doing it a long time, and he’s won a bunch of games… a bunch of games. I don’t think he worried about all that. I think he’s just worried about trying to win this game this week and get better with what they’re doing. He’s been successful because he’s been incredibly committed to what he does. His career speaks for itself. He doesn’t owe anybody apologies or explanations. He’s one of the winningest coaches that has come through.”

Swinney on NCAA’s rule on cut blocking

“I think it’s safer for the game. There are some things that have changed. They are still cutting in the box. I think that’s fine. The biggest things they took out were the things they needed to take out. There’s people cutting down field, starting in the box and coming around and cutting. It’s an equalizer for receivers. If you’ve got a guy that’s blowing down on you at 100 mph, and he knows that you can’t cut him. That’s a tough deal. If he knows that you can cut him, it’s a little bit of an equalizer. Everybody had to play a little more under control, but now you can’t cut pass five yards.”

Swinney on Isaiah Simmons

“He’s got the tools to play any style of play. He’s a very dynamic guy. Last week he got better. I think he played very well against A&M, but last week he got better. He got back to some basic things. He really played physical. He brings a lot of the same attributes as Dorian (O’Daniel). He’s just longer, bigger, and probably better cover guy when it’s all said and done. I’m really proud of him that he can do whatever we need him to do. He’s very dynamic. He can play safety either one, free or strong. He’s a unique player.”

Swinney on what he has learned about his team

“I’ve learned that they care. This is a team that cares. It’s an ACC team that wants to be great. This is a team that takes coaching. They’ve accepted the challenge. We’ve got to be a little more detail oriented in certain areas. I’ve seen a team that’s got the leadership that it takes. Just some very committed guys. Even though we are 3-0, nobody’s in here singing kumbaya. We celebrate the win, we’re excited about that. We all watch the tape, and we all know that we can get better. We will get better, we need to get better.”

Swinney on Travis Eitienne

“I think he broke CJ Spiller’s freshman record. Spiller was a pretty good freshman around here. Spiller is one of the best football players I’ve seen on the field ever to this day. Travis, you just look up and go well dang. He has 1,000 yards and averages 7.9 a carry. You’re just like man. He just sneaks up on you. He a special talent. He’s earned it. There’s some pretty gaudy numbers that’s he’s done.”



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