Jones 'can't wait' to get to Clemson

Jones 'can't wait' to get to Clemson


Jones 'can't wait' to get to Clemson


As Clemson’s 2019 class continues to come into form, its commits anxiously await their arrival to Death Valley.

We checked in with Norfolk (Va.) Maury four-star cornerback Sheridan Jones to see how his season is progressing.

So far, Jones has helped his team to an undefeated record in addition to maintaining his personal goals for this season.

“It’s been going pretty good, 3-0, so I can’t complain,” he said. “I haven’t allowed any passes so far, but the teams we played were both running teams. When I’ve been targeted it hasn’t been completed.”

Regardless of what type of team he’s playing, no completed passes is an impressive feat.

Jones said that he communicates with the other commits “all the time,” especially fellow cornerback Andrew Booth.

He told TCI that he is very excited to get back to Clemson and has talked about visiting with Booth.

“We are both excited to be up there soon and we talked about what games we probably would go to together,” he said.

Jones said that he is highly anticipating his early enrollment at Clemson in January.

“I can’t wait honestly,” he said. “I believe [Booth and I] could be the best [in the country] because that’s all we know is to be the best at what we do,” he said.

Jones also said that he believes the Tigers 2019 class is the “best in the country.”

There will be more additions to Clemson’s class but they have one of the strongest going into this fall.



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