Time for Clemson to take a deep breath

Time for Clemson to take a deep breath


Time for Clemson to take a deep breath


After what has been a whirlwind season so far it is time for No. 4 Clemson to just breathe.

Coming off of months of quarterback talk, an emotional week with the departure of quarterback Kelly Bryant last week, and Saturday’s starting quarterback Trevor Lawrence leaving the game in the second quarter due to injury, things have been hectic for the Tigers this season.

Co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott is proud of how his team has handled everything thrown their way this far but is looking forward to what will hopefully be a “normal” week for the first time this season as the Tigers travel to Wake Forest on Saturday.

“We’ve been waiting for a normal week for a while,” Scott said on Monday. “It’s just been kind of one of those years a little bit with everything that’s going on. There’s no doubt that we’re hoping this week will be more of a normal week than this past week.”

Thing are looking up for the Tigers as Lawrence seems to be feeling well again. They are taking things slow as a precautionary measure but Lawrence could be back to practicing as early as tonight.

But with Clemson’s consistent success also comes high expectations and pressure.

“When you’re at the top you know that’s to be expected,” Scott said. “It’s a lot more difficult to stay at the top than it is when you’re trying to climb up and get there. It’s part of that mentality and perseverance that you have to have. Whatever is thrown our way how are we going to respond?”

Collectively the team has responded well to the crazy season they’ve had, emotional week they faced last week, and intense game they came out of with a victory on Saturday.

“Just like we tell them, life lessons,” Scott said. “Everybody is going to face adversity. It’s the way that you respond that separates who you are. That’s one thing that we felt like knowing our team and knowing the makeup of our team and kind of who we’ve been and the culture that we have and all those things.

“We would like to think that we would respond the right way but you don’t truly know until you get put in that situation. And we were put in it and we learned from it. I think there’s a lot of confidence that can be taken from that.”

With Bryant’s transfer now behind them and positive news on the health status of Lawrence, Scott hopes the team will only continue to prosper from here.

“Obviously, we don’t want to be in that situation every week,” he said. “But when you play a full season you’re going to have a game or two like that. The teams that are able to do the things they want to do at the end of the year find a way to win those games. So we’re proud that we’re able to do that.”



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