Scott: ‘A great finish to a difficult week’

Scott: ‘A great finish to a difficult week’


Scott: ‘A great finish to a difficult week’


Clemson co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott dedicated a half hour to speaking to the media on Monday as reviewed Saturday’s win over Syracuse and looked ahead to this Saturday’s showdown with Wake Forest.

Scott in his opening statement

“Really proud of the way our guys finished and the perseverance. It was just one of those games that felt everything that could go wrong happened and I think the normal and easy thing to do is to get discouraged and not finish the right way, but I didn’t feel like our guys gave in at all during the game. There was a mindset on the sidelines that we were going to find a way to get it done.”

Scott highlights the biggest things to correct

“The biggest things that need to get corrected were the turnovers, we had two on offense and one on special teams, and we did have four sacks, so looking at what happened there and getting that corrected. And we also weren’t as efficient on third-and-long as we have been earlier this year.”

Scott sums up his pride in his offense

“It was no doubt an exciting moment and to be able to go finish that, I was just proud of our guys, really proud of our offensive line and those running backs being able to go and really impose their will…I think that was definitely a great finish to a difficult week.”

Scott on Travis Etienne:

“Oh man, he’s special. I wouldn’t want to trade him for anyone else’s back in the country. I mean, I think he’s awesome. It’s obvious to everyone watching the game, just seeing him breaking tackles and he just gets better and better.”

Scott on Hunter Renfrow:

“That’s just who he is, he’s like ‘I can go play anywhere.’ He has that feeling, he can punt, he can punt return, he can play wideout, he can play quarterback, he can go over on defense. He throws it well, that’s all he played until he got here.”



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