Renfrow really impressed with Chase Brice

Renfrow really impressed with Chase Brice


Renfrow really impressed with Chase Brice


Clemson wide receiver Hunter Renfrow spoke with the media Tuesday about playing some at quarterback as he will be the Tigers’ emergency quarterback the rest of the season.

Even though there is a possibly for Renfrow, Trevor Lawrence is expected to play this Saturday and Chase Brice will again back him up.

The Tigers travel to Wake Forest on Saturday for a 3:30 p.m. kickoff.

Renfrow on playing QB

“I’m hoping I can. I threw one in pregame warm ups the other day to Will Swinney it was alright. Hopefully, it just all comes together if I get put in.”

Renfrow on slightly wanting to get a few game time snaps at QB

“It wasn’t funny when Trevor (Lawrence) went down, but it was like all the stars were aligning. I might actually have to go in there, but I wouldn’t have to go much. I would have to hand to hand the ball off to Travis (Etienne). It might have worked out. Who knows?”

Renfrow on the shock of possibly playing QB

“We were sitting over there, and he came up to me. We had just talk about Mark Fields not playing this week, and for some reason I was in that mentality. I wasn’t even thinking about that Kelly (Bryant) had just left. He (Jeff Scott) asked if I could start as a backup. I started explaining that I know what the coverages are. I know Cover 4 and Cover 2. Cover 2 just play outside leverage, and it was kind of loud in here. You couldn’t really here much. It wasn’t a fluid conversation. He kind of looked at me weird. We go through practice, and he wants me to get some reps in RVA throwing the ball, and that’s when I started piecing it together that he meant quarterback. I was like ahh crap! He probably thinks I’m an idiot. The next I had to explain myself.”

Renfrow on Chase Brice

“I think Chase did a great job of preparing, so we didn’t have to say much. I think the halftime came at a good time. I think he was kind of was like oh, ‘I might have to go and win this game.’ When he got to halftime, he could kind of relaxed and just processed things and his thoughts, but he did a good job. He stepped in there. Something that I loved was when we jumped off sides on fourth-and-one, and I can remember vividly Chase just being like fourth-and-six, we got this. In a very calm and confident demeanor just telling the guys, ‘Hey, we got this!”

Renfrow on Christian being upset that he has gotten no reps at QB

“I think we should have a rock, paper, scissors contest to settle it. He beat me last week. I was upset. I guess I’m 5-1 with him now.”



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