Scott: 'Hard to be a finesse group when you're rushing for 300 yards a game'

Scott: 'Hard to be a finesse group when you're rushing for 300 yards a game'


Scott: 'Hard to be a finesse group when you're rushing for 300 yards a game'


WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Clemson co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott was a little fired up when he spoke to the media following Saturday’s 63-3 win over Wake Forest Saturday at Groves Stadium in Winston-Salem, N.C.

Clemson’s offense had a record day as it set a new Clemson record for yards per carry with 11.8 yards per carry, breaking a 115-year old mark. The Tigers rushed for 471 overall and had 698 total yards.

Their 60-point margin of victory was the largest over an ACC opponent in school history.

Scott on the passing of former running back C.J. Fuller

“It’s been a difficult week. Players and coaches played and coached all week long with a heavy heart thinking about C.J. and his family. We’ll be there tomorrow to celebrate C.J.’s life. I’m really proud of the way our guys responded. Obviously, it was a really tough week.”

Scott on Desmond Howard’s comments

“Offensively running for 471 yards today, and I think over the last four games we’re averaging about 300 yards a game. So I think someone needs to send that to Desmond Howard, so he can get his facts straight there. Hard to be a finesse group when you’re rushing for 300 yards a game. You’d agree with that, wouldn’t you?”

Scott on the running game exploding

“It was exploding today, that’s what Coach (Dabo) Swinney was just telling the team. C.J., I promise you he’s up there proud of his guys watching us run the ball today. You know those guys wanted to honor him in the way that they play and they did that today.”

Scott on Trevor Lawrence’s performance

“Being a young guy out there in his second start, on the road, I know he’s disappointed by dropping the ball there early. But that’s an impressive stat line regardless of who you play and those two touchdowns he threw, one to Justyn Ross and one to Tee Higgins, those were very tight windows. He stood in there and delivered those balls right on the money.”

Scott on Travis Etienne’s Heisman opportunity

“To be honest it’s not really even talked about with us, it’s really not. We’re obviously really excited about him, but you know we’ve got a long year we’ll continue to play, but there’s no question that he’s very special and his average yards per carry that’s just absolutely incredible.”

Scott on offensive line

“Obviously we’ve got some skilled backs, but there were some big holes up there on the line. These guys aren’t just finding their own room to run. I’m proud of that group up there. It’s tough for offensive lineman to get noticed, it’s usually for giving up a sack or something bad, but I promise you, you don’t rush for an average over 300 yards for four games without those guys up front moving people.”



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