Tajh’s Take: This is a run-first team

Tajh’s Take: This is a run-first team


Tajh’s Take: This is a run-first team


It was a rough week for Clemson nation and we all know there could’ve been many variables that explained why the offense was in a lull to start the game.

Being that it wasn’t an ideal start I thought, ‘Oh gosh, when are we going to see this offense live up to its potential.’ I did take into consideration that Wake Forest is generally a Ho Hum environment and in years past you have to in a way create your own energy.

I mean the Demon Deacons haven’t necessarily been a team that invokes fear into the hearts of their opponents, but as steam picked up this Clemson team may have very well sent out a warning to the remaining teams on their schedule. To create some imagery for you on how I viewed the game I decided to put it in a different light.

Imagine the team walking into a buffet at Golden Corral. All eyes turn towards the door as players keep filing in one by one. The Manager walks up to Coach Swinney as he surveys the restaurant. Manager says, “What are you guys having?” Coach Swinney smirks and says, “Whatever we want.”

Obviously at a buffet you can literally eat whatever you want, but you get the picture. It was a demolition, a block party, a sack party, just a good ole fashioned A** Whooping.

The defense was dominant in all aspects of their game. They controlled the line of scrimmage. Tre Lamar balled out in his best performance of the year and the secondary performed at a high level when the ball was in the air.

Tanner Muse, “The Hammer” got himself an INT! They’re as good as advertised and then some. The fact that they were able to get so many guys in the game and get great productivity out of them made Jimmy Greenbeans proud I’m sure.

To be a consistent winner and be the best in all of college football you have to build depth and they were able to do that on both sides.

The offense is still very intriguing to me. Most of the mishaps happen when there is a lack of execution and physicality up front. When they are consistent this offense is very explosive as we’ve all seen.

It’s not easy to have three 100-plus yard rushers in a game and get close to 700 yards of total offense. It is remarkable really.

Trevor Lawrence is continuing to grow week after week and is, in my eyes, the most poised quarterback in the conference. He is a rookie with the demeanor of a veteran and at this point only needs to do what is asked of him.

No doubt he will be the big dog of college football, it is not even a question, but at this point in his career all he has to do is it take care of the football and throw rockets to his receivers when it’s there. Nothing more and nothing less.

I’m just so used to seeing the offense throw the ball vertically that it is finally hitting me that this is a run-first team. How could you not be when you have arguably the most dynamic runner in country.

Travis Etienne had 10 carries for 167 yards, again 10 carries for 167 yards. This isn’t pop warner, he is doing this against Division I athletes that are on full scholarships. We’ve seen his power and acceleration, yesterday we saw his patience.

Oh My Goodness! The set of tools he brings to Saturdays would make Tim Allen from Home Improvement blush. Generally speaking Coach Swinney’s philosophy has always been to start the ascension around Week 6 or 7, to never peak too early. Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, it was Week 6 for the good guys with Tiger paws and they look like they are right on track. It’s only up from here.



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