Flashback: Swinney blasts NC State head coach Dave Doeren

Flashback: Swinney blasts NC State head coach Dave Doeren


Flashback: Swinney blasts NC State head coach Dave Doeren


If there is one thing Dabo Swinney is going to do, he is going to have his football team’s back.

Following Saturday’s win at NC State, Wolfpack head coach Dave Doeren accused fourth-ranked Clemson of cheating, saying he wanted an investigation launched on why there was a picture of a Clemson staff member using a laptop on the sideline. When Swinney was asked by an NC State reporter about the laptop, the Clemson coach was caught off guard and said he had no clue.

As it turned, it was a member of Clemson’s social media team and if had nothing to do with the football program. Since then, the Atlantic Coast Conference has come out and said they found no wrong doing by the Tigers and said they were satisfied with Clemson’s explanation.

When asked if Doeren had reached out to him to talk about the laptop situation from the game Swinney took the opportunity to vent his feelings. However, he went about it in a totally different way than one might have thought, at first.

Swinney did it by first, in a comical way, saying the laptop was on the field in hopes of replacing the towels NC State defensive end Bradley Chubb was stealing from Kelly Bryant.

“No,” Swinney said with a chuckle. “No he did not (reach out). One of ya’ll asked me that at the post-game press conference. Like I said, I had no clue. I knew it was not anything to do with football. I did investigate. I did.

“I followed instructions and did some investigating. I did. It turns out there was just a major crisis. There was a young guy trying to help a team in need. And I think, trying to be helpful in the situation, they tried to get into touch with amazon because we had a crisis. We were in dire need of towels.

“We were trying to get one of those drones to come in and drop some towels on the sideline. You know, it just did not work out. But on that, I want to launch an investigation, too.”

Swinney said he want to investigate why Doeren is worried about his sideline and not his own.

“I want to launch an investigation, too. What do they do with those towels? Do they have a towel Hall of Fame? No, it is disappointing because it was kind of a challenge to our integrity. Then you watch the tape … two years ago we go up there and one of the coaches pushes Deshaun Watson. And this year, we have some guy taking a swat at K’Von (Wallace).

“What if he breaks a finger? So I think the investigation needs to be managing his sideline and not worry about ours.

“I didn’t get a call! I didn’t get a call.”



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