Thomas trying to prove himself each week

Thomas trying to prove himself each week


Thomas trying to prove himself each week


Freshman defensive end Xavier Thomas has already made his impact felt among the team and fans. His quickness off of the edge and powerful sacks have already caught the eye of many.

Thomas on how comfortable he feels

“I’m very comfortable but there’s always times where I have to ask (veteran defensive lineman) questions or get advice from them. About the offensive line, what the offense is doing. Just things like that because of the experience they have and learning from them lets you go out there with a lot of confidence.”

Thomas on his expectations for himself

“Well I definitely set goals for myself. I always knew I wanted to come in and make an impact so that’s what I’m doing week in and week out. Just trying to prove myself.”

Thomas on the coverage in high school vs. college

“It’s definitely easy now getting one-on-one match ups because everybody across the borders is talented and needs to be blocked so there’s definitely not as many of those teams as there was in high school.”

Thomas on his reaction to Clelin Ferrell saying Thomas is better than he was as a freshman

“It just gives you a confidence boost knowing how good those guys are now. Just knowing that when they were freshman they weren’t as good as you so it just gives you confidence.”

Thomas on lessons he takes away from the veteran defensive linemen

“Just knowing how talented those guys are and what they do here. Just knowing the resume they have gives you a lot of confidence talking to them.”


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