Muse is coming on strong for Tigers

Muse is coming on strong for Tigers


Muse is coming on strong for Tigers

Clemson safety Tanner Muse spoke to the media earlier this week as he looked back about his performance at Wake Forest, and on his excitement for the open week and next week’s game against NC State.

Here is what he had to say.

Muse on his interception at Wake Forest

“It was awesome. I’ve been really close a few times this year. It was awesome to get there. I got hit pretty good as well, so right after it was a joyful moment then you’re like, “’Oh! I got knocked down pretty good,’ but I got right back up. So, it was good, it was good to get my hands back on the ball.”

Muse on the secondary being more confident

“Yeah. I’d say so. We’re seeing more of the ball in the air on the back end. We were so in tuned to the triple option with Furman, Georgia Southern, and Georgia Tech that it’s hard to get that game rep when you go to practice when you’re trying to figure the scheme of things. I think we are really starting to find in our zones and our man (coverage) how to play the technique and stretch that zone.”

Muse on his game on Saturday

“Yeah, I thought I had a really good game. I enjoyed it. The game plan was a lot more adapted to me. I really like coming into the box, and I did that a few times and the short yardage package that we had. Like I said, I just really enjoyed it. I think that’s what you saw Saturday. Just the joy and the fruits of my labor being fulfilled. It was good for me, good for my family, and good for Clemson.”

Muse on the open week

“I’m really excited to go home. I’m going to spend some time with my dog and just enjoy it. I might go to the state fair. I’m really excited.”

Muse on NC State QB Ryan Finley

“They gave us a run last year and the year before. There quarterback is a really good guy. He’s smart. We tried to slow him down last year, and we didn’t. We did enough, and I think this year we want to not just do enough, but do more.”



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