Wake Forest head coach upset with Tiger Band

Wake Forest head coach upset with Tiger Band


Wake Forest head coach upset with Tiger Band


Wake Forest head coach Dave Clawson was not a happy camper during the Demon Deacons’ loss to No. 4 Clemson last week and he let the Atlantic Coast Conference know about it.

Clawson called and spoke with the ACC’s supervisor of officials Dennis Hennigan earlier this week. According to The Winston-Salem Journal, it is believed Clawson was upset during the game about Clemson’s band playing as his team was trying to run offensive plays.

Several times early in the game, the ESPN broadcast showed Clawson arguing with the referees.

Clawson did not say what the specifics of his complaints were with the referees, but he addressed his complaints with the league.

“You know what, I’d rather not talk about it,” the Wake Forest head coach said during the ACC Coaches Teleconference earlier this week. “It was an issue that I addressed with the supervisor of officials on Monday, and he agreed with my perspective on it, and there was a situation in the game that wasn’t handled the way it should have been.”

The ACC declined to go into specifics of Clawson’s complaint when the Winston-Salem Journal reached out to them.

“I knew it, and it was allowed to keep happening, and eventually it got fixed but not the way it should have or when it should have,” Clawson said on why he called the ACC. “You know, so again, that was — I wasn’t happy with it. I expressed that the whole first quarter. It eventually got fixed, but it was not — it wasn’t handled the way it should have been procedurally from their end, and again, I had a good talk with Dennis Hennigan, and he agreed, so we’re moving forward.”


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