Venables: ‘The bigger the stakes, the better our guys play’

Venables: ‘The bigger the stakes, the better our guys play’


Venables: ‘The bigger the stakes, the better our guys play’


After a well-deserved bye week, Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables met with the media on Monday to preview the third-ranked Tigers game against No. 15 N.C. State this Saturday at Death Valley.

Venables on where the defense stands at this point in the season

“I think that we’re improving, incrementally. We’re still not a finished product as a defense. But just again, there’s been growth, there’s been improving, but you’ll need to continue to make those incremental improvements as we continue to go and develop in depth.”

Venables on his experience with Dave Doeren

“Dave’s a terrific coach. We used to clinic each other, we used to get together and talk football, linebacker play, defense. We did that for a number of years until we had to start facing each other…Dave’s done a terrific job everywhere he’s been. He’s very detailed, very passionate, very tough, disciplined and his team reflects that.”

Venables on what makes this defense “unique”

“Unique…I think there’s a bunch of guys that really truly enjoy each other and practicing and just being a part of this football family. I mean just outwardly show it.”

Venables confirms that his defense is ready

“They don’t need me to tell them, they already know. They have great respect for NC State. They know that NC State’s given us everything they’ve got the last few years and this year won’t be any different. They’re playing a veteran group of guys that are really good. They’ve got great leadership, and a lot of pride.”

Venables on big stake games

“I think the bigger the stakes, the better our guys play. I really do. I think when our guys are challenged, that they’ve responded more often than not. Take nothing for granted…Don’t panic, handle the moment and handle the adversity.”


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