Swinney: 'We have had some crazy stuff' with NC State

Swinney: 'We have had some crazy stuff' with NC State


Swinney: 'We have had some crazy stuff' with NC State


Dabo Swinney prepares for a tough division battle against No. 3 NC State this Saturday at 3:30 p.m., at Death Valley in Clemson. The No. 3 Tigers and 15th-ranked NC State are two of the eight teams who remain undefeated.

Swinney spoke to the media at his weekly press conference on Tuesday and here is some what he had to say about the ACC’s Atlantic Division Showdown.

Swinney on NC State quarterback Ryan Finley

“He manages the pocket. He scrambles, but he scrambles to throw. He has created a lot of big plays. The coverage was there, and it was great coverage. He just knows where to go with the ball, and he steps up and buys just enough time. He throws a rope on the move. Whether it’s to his left or to his right doesn’t matter. He’s just a very accurate thrower on the scramble.”

Swinney on the growth of the secondary

“They have grown a ton. The Texas A&M game we had some busts. Then we had some fluky plays where we had some tip balls and a couple crazy situations. We didn’t know much about Texas A&M. That is was one of the hardest games that we will play. We knew very little about them. Preparing for them we went back and studied Wake Forest, Florida State, and Notre Dame. Their tape was worthless to watch. There was a lot of unknowns in the game. Then you are coming off playing from a lot of camp and the first game…triple option. You just try and win the game and play, but we have definitely grown a ton since that point.”

Swinney on Cornell Powell possibly being redshirted

“He’s actually back and ready to go. We’ve got his situation resolved, but we are talking about maybe trying to red shirt him. That’s something that we have kind of had some discussions with. We might see how that goes, see if we can get another year back on him.”

Swinney on the competitiveness of the NC State game through the years

“This is an incredibly competitive game for sure for both teams. Both teams want to win. We have had some crazy stuff though. Ya’ll remember Isaiah Battle punched some guy one year. At the end of the game, he just lost his mind. Then we had one of their coaches push Deshaun Watson one year. I had to call them and apologize, and they had to call me and apologize. Last year I didn’t really understand the laptop stuff. It’s all good. I get along find with Dave (Doeren). It’s just a very competitive game. They’re a good team. Well coached, good players. Both teams want the same thing, and they want it bad.”

Swinney on getting everybody’s best effort

“We get everybody’s best. That’s just the way it is. They could be one and nine, they’ll play like a nine and one team when they play the Tigers. That’s just part of it. We know that.”



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