Richard hopes senior class can make history

Richard hopes senior class can make history


Richard hopes senior class can make history


Clemson tight end Milan Richard has an opportunity to be a apart of the first senior class at Clemson to beat Florida State all four years when the second-ranked Tigers travel to Florida State this Saturday.

The Tigers and the Seminoles will kickoff at noon at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee, Fla.

Richard on playing at Doak Campbell Stadium

“Tough place to play…I don’t think we’ve ever one there twice in a row…it’s a huge challenge for us going down there on the road. I personally love playing down there in that environment. I’m really excited about it and I’m looking forward to a great game.”

Richard on the offense showing how balanced it can be

“Running the ball really wasn’t what it was able to be so we were just really able to throw it this game. It was a great that we were able to take advantage of what they were giving us and that’s something we talked about throughout the week…every week is a little different. Some weeks you just have to be able to roll with it and adjust to what’s going on. Great job by our coaching staff and great job by our team.”

Richard on freshman Braden Galloway

“Braden is a cool guy…I have kind of “little-brothered” him a little bit. We room together on the road so we are becoming closer and closer. I think mentally, just his grasp of the offense in general. Athletically, he has everything he needs. I think he will be a great player here. He’s really grown with his grasp of the playbook. He is understanding the plan and that is something that is really promising to see in a young guy.”

Richard on the rankings and Ohio State being upset by Purdue

“I think we get caught up in it when they put up the Final Four and it’s real. Yeah, we don’t live in a cave…we all watch college football, we see what’s going on, we see the rankings…we watch other people play. We are shocked when we see upsets just like everyone else watching the games. But, it’s not like we are going to live and die on the rankings every week. We definitely know where we are at and it is something that we pay attention to, but it is not going to make or break in our day.”

Richard on the offense’s full potential

“I think we are getting better each week. That is something we focus on. We just try to be better each week. We hope to be playing our best football at the end. I think we are on track and that’s just something we try and work on each day. We want to get better every single day and a little better than the week before.”



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