Renfrow on FSU: ‘They have as much talent as anybody in the country’

Renfrow on FSU: ‘They have as much talent as anybody in the country’


Renfrow on FSU: ‘They have as much talent as anybody in the country’


Wide receiver Hunter Renfrow is one of the seniors at Clemson in the rare position to beat Florida State four years in a row.

In the history of the rivalry, the Tigers have never won four straight games over the Seminoles and no senior class at Clemson has gone 4-0 or undefeated against Clemson’s ACC Atlantic Division rival. A win on Saturday can change history.

The second-ranked Tigers will play Florida State at noon at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee, Fla.

Renfrow on playing one more time in Tallahassee

“If I remember correctly, we got out early. It was a 14-0 lead. Then the offense kind of went stale mate, and then they came back. I remember Dalvin Cook having a big touchdown, I think, in the fourth quarter and the scoreboard was just shaking. It was a real live atmosphere, and then we hit a little crossing concept to Jordan Leggett. That basically won us the game, so it was a fun time down there.”

Renfrow on how talented Florida State is

“They have as much talent as anybody in the country. Especially us, probably more talent than us. We just got to have a great week of practice and get ready for them. That’s something the coaches use to motivate us. It’s a fact. I know it doesn’t matter at times, but like Coach (Dabo) Swinney tells us. They’ve beaten us eight out of nine years in recruiting ranking, so they have talent all over the field.”

Renfrow on the seniors going 4-0 against FSU

“That would be a cool accomplishment for us. It’s never been done before, so if we can add that to our resume that would be pretty cool. They’ve got a talented team, but let’s win four here and the next team can win five.”

Renfrow on NC State and South Carolina WRs being ranked ahead of them in the preseason

“I think a lot of us at the beginning of the year saw the (receivers) rankings come out. Not that it matters at all, but seeing South Carolina and NC State ahead of us, we didn’t say anything, we just went to work. It’s been in the back of our minds, but I wouldn’t say it’s a huge motivating factor. It’s definitely something in the back of my mind.”

Renfrow on fellow senior and WR Trevion Thompson

“I was hoping they would give him that touchdown there on the (sideline) when we ran it, but he’s talented. I think he’s going to have a good NFL career, personally. Just because he does some things with special teams. He knows the nine, five, and two-positions, and he plays them real well. Nobody had more on their plate than Trevion last week. He’s the guy.”



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