Lawrence feeling more comfortable with every start

Lawrence feeling more comfortable with every start


Lawrence feeling more comfortable with every start


Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence is looking more comfortable and composed with every start.

This past Saturday he threw for a career-high 314 yards with four touchdown passes in No. 2 Clemson’s blowout victory at Florida State.

Lawrence on the efficiency of the offense

“We’ve definitely gotten a lot better than (the beginning of the season). Everyone is meshing together. It’s just an adjustment when you switch from one guy to another guy being the starter. It’s an adjustment for the coaches, the players, everyone has to get used to it so I think we had to go through that a little bit, but now I feel like we’re getting more efficient every week and there’s still room to improve, obviously, but we’ve gotten a lot better.”

Lawrence on his two-man police escort at Florida State

“That was something new. I haven’t done that before, but it’s no different than anything else. They’re checking everywhere I’m going. I’m going up to my family and they’re like, ‘Do you know these people?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ It’s kind of funny, but I don’t really pay attention to that stuff.”

Lawrence on how things have gradually gotten easier

“I don’t know about easier. I’m just seeing things more clearly. So I guess in a way, but just seeing stuff more clearly and everybody is just playing together and the team chemistry is really good right now.”

Lawrence on the team’s expectations

“We haven’t even scraped the surface of what this team’s goal are so there’s still all of that on the table. But we’re definitely playing well right now. We’ve done what we’ve learned to do so far.”

Lawrence on becoming a vocal leader on the team

“There’s a bunch of guys on the team who are willing to talk, listen and help each other. So it did make it easier for me coming in and not feeling like I had to be a huge vocal leader right when I came in. You play with these guys, and if you play well, you get respect just because if you can play they’re going to want you to be out there. So, that was one thing that helped me.”


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