SEC Network's Finebaum agrees with Swinney

SEC Network's Finebaum agrees with Swinney


SEC Network's Finebaum agrees with Swinney


Following the release of the initial College Football Playoff Rankings Clemson was revealed as the No. 2 team behind Alabama. Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney joined the CFP rankings reveal show on ESPN to discuss his teams ranking.

Swinney thinks Clemson is on the “ROY bus” for “the rest of y’all” behind Alabama based off the way everybody talks about the Crimson Tide. Alabama debuted in the rankings in the number one spot and in the eyes of many are ahead of everybody else including the Tigers.

The SEC Network’s Paul Finebaum ascribes to Swinney’s statement that the Crimson Tide are way in front and the rest of college football, even the No. 2 Tigers are lagging behind.

“The ROY bus is the new maxim in college football, ‘the rest of y’all’, because what Dabo Swinney said there is so true,” Finebaum said. “I was thinking as you unveiled the top four, it just shows what we have all been talking about, Alabama is in a different class.”


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