The moment Swinney knew they would ‘smash’ NC State

The moment Swinney knew they would ‘smash’ NC State


The moment Swinney knew they would ‘smash’ NC State


Dabo Swinney knew two days before his team beat NC State, 41-7, back on Oct. 20 that they were going to “smash” the Wolfpack.

On this particular day, when the team was supposed to be meditating during its time with team physiologist Milton Lowder, Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables was in the back of the room taking notes and flipping through pages as he prepared for the showdown with a Wolfpack offense that has scored and put up yards on everyone but his Tigers this year.

Swinney gives Lowder like five to seven minutes every Thursday to speak to the team, and on this particular day he introduced the Clemson team to a new app called “Headspace,” which is described as a simple way to reframe stress through a relaxing meditation.

“There is just some guy and he has got that weird voice and he is talking to you,” Swinney said. “Everybody in the room is supposed to have our eyes closed and our hands on (our knees) and it says feel your feet on the floor, then your body and your weight … It goes through all this stuff. It is like three minutes and then you come back and of course Darnell (Jefferies) is a sleep in the back and you come up and you feel good. It was kind of nice.”

After the meeting Clemson associate athletic director for Clemson Football, Woody McCorvey, shows Swinney a picture he took while everyone else was meditating.

“When he showed it to me, I just laughed,” Swinney said. “I said, ‘Oh! I am saving that for Sunday if this game goes the way we needed it to go.’ So, Woody has a picture of the whole room. Everybody is doing all this stuff and then there is Venables. He is still drawing plays in the back of the room. He is not paying attention. He is still drawing stuff.

“This is what I was talking about. This is the moment I knew right here. Brent don’t have no time for Headspace. He has no space left in there.”



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