Tajh’s Take: Tigers made sure songbirds were out of tune early

Tajh’s Take: Tigers made sure songbirds were out of tune early


Tajh’s Take: Tigers made sure songbirds were out of tune early


I’m sure whoever created the Louisville Cardinal’s logo with teeth didn’t envision a day when they would have no bite.

We all expected them to lose, but expecting them to give up 77 points, well that depends on who you ask.

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney made a statement earlier in the week that Louisville was the best 2-6 team that he has seen on tape. The team took heed to what he said and locked in as soon as the whistle blew.

On “Statement Saturday” Clemson left no doubt and made sure the songbirds were out of tune early. The Tigers were up 14 points in the first two minutes and 58 seconds of the game and the bleeding never stopped for the Cardinals.

They put up a plethora of points and did it the Clemson way by getting what seemed to be everyone in the end zone.

The offensive line played lights out by the way. I haven’t given them enough credit for what they’ve done in the run game this season. They do a fantastic job of working up to the next level, putting a hat on a hat and swallowing anyone who gets in their way.

You don’t rack up 492 rushing yards on the grass just because. They also gave up zero sacks and only had one hurry in the pocket. Trevor Lawrence and Chase Brice should treat them to a nice outing or at least make the commute to Anderson and get them some Krispy Kreme donuts. They surely deserve it.

You know I’m not leaving Dexter Lawrence out of this! He is a colossal, mountain of a man, if he can’t do it no one can. My mother screamed. Literally, she screamed.

For kids and parents watching this on the tube and in person this is a moment that they’ll never forget. Every big man playing football now has hope that they too will reach the promise land and fulfill their dreams of scoring a touchdown.

Will Swinney, ladies and gentlemen, made me feel like a proud uncle as he scored as well. I can remember like yesterday when his biggest talent at around age 10 was reciting the presidents on command with just a given number. Now he himself dons the paw proudly.

Championship phase is in full effect and as we’ve discussed in weeks past the Tigers continuously improve and get stronger as the season grows older.

The team plays not only for the coaches, but for one another, you cant fake that and It shows. This team is unique, in fact rare being that as long as they get the job done, they don’t necessarily care who gets the shine. That’s a tough feat in today’s environment being that most coaches have to find a way to appease certain players.

Clemson has plenty of star power with some even left to spare, but as coach would say, “The fun is in the winning.” They’re doing just that and getting the who’s who involved in the process.

Boston college is up next and while the Eagles may try to show Clemson they belong, the Tigers will focus on something simple. Doing their job.



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