Lawrence embracing challenge at BC

Lawrence embracing challenge at BC


Lawrence embracing challenge at BC


Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence is not worried about anything other than preparing his team for Saturday’s game at Boston College.

Lawrence, who leads the ACC in touchdown passes, says he isn’t focused on playing in the cold weather at Boston College and instead is focused on helping the Tigers win another Atlantic Division Championship.

Lawrence on playing in the cold weather
“It’s going to be a little cold, but we will be alright. It will be good for us. I’ve played in a few cold ones before in the (high school) playoffs. I played in one game where it was sleeting and the wind blowing. I mean, you just have to try and keep your hands warm. We will be fine. It’s not really something I am worried about. It’s in Boston, it’s going to be cold and we know that going in.”
Lawrence on embracing the challenge of playing in a big game
“I just like playing in big games. It’s fun going on the road and it’s fun to experience new things. I’ve never been to any of these places. I’ve never even been up north really. It’s going to be cool to go up there and play.”

Lawrence on the performance of Chase Brice
“That’s what he’s done since I’ve been here. He’s practiced well and he works hard. We both help each other out, we prepare. It doesn’t surprise me at all (how well he’s done).”

Lawrence on ESPN GameDay heading to Boston
“Yeah, it’s going to be fun. Just another big game for us to kind of prove ourselves and play well in front of everyone. Last game like that was Texas A&M and it was a really good experience and really fun so I’m just excited for this one.”

Lawrence on getting to wear the orange pants for the first time
“It just kind of represents where we are in our season. We’ve put a lot of work in to get to where we are. We are still in control of our own destiny. It doesn’t really mean anything. We are still going to play how we play. It does signify that we are getting towards the end of the season and these games are starting to have a different mood because these are championship type games.”



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