Muse says Dillon is one of the hardest guys to tackle

Muse says Dillon is one of the hardest guys to tackle


Muse says Dillon is one of the hardest guys to tackle


Clemson safety Tanner Muse had a successful game against Louisville, which included his second interception of the year.

Muse and the second-ranked Tigers get ready to visit No. 17 Boston College on Saturday at Alumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill, Mass., with the ACC’s Atlantic Division Championship at stake.

The game is scheduled to kickoff at 8 p.m.

 Muse on his interception against Louisville

 “They ran a little under-over route. I knew from the game plan what we were doing. Try to trail them a little bit, try to set it up. I knew I had underneath help. I knew if it was going to be a ball it was going to be back-side other than kind of jump the route. I went for it. I didn’t score unfortunately. I got a little tripped up. It’s a play I knew would work itself out.”

Muse impressed by Boston College’s tight ends

“They set themselves up really well. They’ve got a really big running back. He controls the game. Their play action comes off of that. Their tight ends are really good. They’re real physical. You don’t really know what they are going to do. You have to keep your eyes on them at all time. They will block you. They will come get you a little bit then shed off you. They’ll push you then they will pull you right off. They are real big physical guys.”

Muse worried on not being ready for the next game

“Duke is still a conference game. Obviously, it’s not a division game, but it’s still a conference game. It’s a home state game for me. I think this will be good. The biggest worry I have is winning this game then not being ready for the next game. We’ve got to be ready in this game and win this game. We’ve just got to the page. That’s the biggest thing is being all in for this game, and being able to turn the page next week for the next game.”

Muse on how hard is it to defend A.J. Dillon

 “He’s the hardest in different ways. He’s a bigger dude. I always think the quicker dudes are harder to defend because I’m bigger and they are a lot quicker than me. Getting through the holes, trying to meet them in the holes a little more difficult for me. At a physical standpoint, he will one of the tougher dudes to tackle.”

Muse on wearing the orange pants

“It’s awesome! You really feel it because they aren’t used much. You really get that feel of championship. It’s going to be really exciting to put them back on.”



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