Venables not surprised by the way D-Line handled expectations

Venables not surprised by the way D-Line handled expectations


Venables not surprised by the way D-Line handled expectations


Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables spoke to the media Monday afternoon as he previewed Saturday’s game against Duke and spoke about the progression of Tanner Muse at safety, defensive tackle Christian Wilkins and how his defensive line has lived up to expectations this season.

Venables on how much Tanner Muse has progressed

“The thing that I am most proud of about Tanner is that we see the work that he has put in. It is not just the summer workouts or winter conditioning. It’s the film work and really understanding who we are playing. He puts in a lot of work and plays consistently, and it is really showing up.”

Venables on what Christian Wilkins means to the Tigers

“You knew that if he came, he would make everyone around him, better and better. He would be very good for the locker room and he has done that and then some. I think it is important that Christian has always been one to mentor and to give more of himself then you could possibly ever ask of him.”

Venables on how the defensive line has handled expectations this year

“That is not surprise you knowing who they are. A few guys in the past, it has affected them in a negative way. Some guys it has not. With these guys, it hasn’t. Going in collectively, I was knew this would not be a problem with this group of guys. They have been a very humbled, ground and selfless group of guys since they got here.”

Venables on how the veteran defensive line has helped the underclassmen

“I think it has been well received. The real test is when those guys are gone. You have to figure that out down the road, but we will see.”


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