Richard is proud to be a Clemson Tiger

Richard is proud to be a Clemson Tiger


Richard is proud to be a Clemson Tiger


Clemson tight end Milan Richard finally got in the end zone last week against Boston College.

Richard said every week the team tries to sprinkle in something new for the offense. He is appreciative for his coaches creativity and is proud to run down the Hill by himself as a senior Saturday against Duke.

Saturday is also Military Appreciation Day in Clemson and the Tigers will be in their purple uniforms as they take on the Blue Devils at 7 p.m. in Death Valley.

Richard on his first touchdown catch of the season

“It was a great experience. Anytime you can play on that stage, get in the end zone, and help your team win, it is a great feeling. It was a great call by the coaches. It was something we had worked on that week in practice. They pulled it out at the right time. It’s a great overall feeling. It was something we had just put in that week. We try to put a few things in each week. We sprinkle new things in for each team.”

Richard on the creativity of the coaches

“It’s huge. You don’t ever want to be one dimensional as a team. Being able to do different things at different formations is something our coaches do a great job of.”

Richard on Senior Day

“It’s so real. I definitely think it came way too fast. I remember being here for other senior days and seeing guys and thinking that will never be me. We are talking about it in meetings and stuff, and I’m like wait. Ya’ll are talking about my senior day. I’m one of those guys you are talking about now. It’s a crazy experience, but it’s a happy one. Kind of a moment to take it all in with the guys that I’ll be standing there with. We’ll realize, ‘hey we walked in together, we’ll finish together.’”

Richard on what makes night games unique

“I think it’s our fans. I think our fans are a little bit more intense for the game. I think it’s the anticipation of waiting to play all day, so when we finally get there…we’re finally here. Let’s play! 12 o’clock game you don’t really have a lot of time to think about it. We’re up early. We’re at the stadium early and before you know it we are kicking the ball off. Very excited. Extremely excited to finish my career here in the Valley with two night games.”

Richard on what his senior class means to him

“Everything. Really you come in guys from all over the country and some guys you know well, and some you don’t through recruiting and after four or five years everybody is your brother. Some of these guys are going to be in my wedding, and I’ll be in theirs. Coach (Dabo) Swinney always says, unfortunately, we’ll all be at each other funerals. That’s how it is. It’s definitely a brotherhood with this class and with this team in general, but specifically this older group. We’ve all been through a lot together.”


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