Scott knows mistakes need to be addressed

Scott knows mistakes need to be addressed


Scott knows mistakes need to be addressed


Although No. 2 Clemson struggled offensively in the first half of its 35-6 victory over Duke Saturday at Death Valley, the Tigers came out strong in the second half.

Co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott knows there are mistakes that need to be addressed but is also proud of how the Tigers responded in the second half to improve to 11-0 on the season.

Scott on the slow start

“Obviously got off to a slow start there in the first half. The biggest issues were on third down. We really couldn’t stay on the field and work efficient enough in the first half.”

Scott on the dropped balls

“What I could see from watching it at the time and replays was guys taking their eyes off of the ball and kind of taking it for granted.  It’s disappointing because we’ve thrown and caught the ball very well in practice.”

Scott on the difference between the first and second half

“I think the biggest thing in the first half was we were under a lot of third and long situations. We didn’t have some opportunities to kind of get in rhythm. We were going out trying to decide what they were going to do defensively… I think we had a better mindset going out there in the second half. The guys were frustrated that we didn’t get it done in the first half.”

Scott on Hunter Renfrow’s injury

“He’s under evaluation but we think he is okay. He was in the locker room after the game and I talked to him and he still knows what day he is getting married in April. Disappointed that he got hurt and wasn’t able to come back but he broke two Clemson records today.”

Scott on adversity the offense has faced

“A lot of things have happened easily for us offensively up until the last couple of weeks. Sometimes when that happens you think it’s always going to be easy. It’s a good lesson that it’s not. It’s hard whenever you’re going out there and playing good teams.”


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