Elliott pleased with Clemson's response to adversity

Elliott pleased with Clemson's response to adversity


Elliott pleased with Clemson's response to adversity


Although co-offensive coordinator Tony Elliott knows it was not the prettiest start for No. 2 Clemson in its 35-6 victory over Duke at Death Valley on Saturday, he is pleased with the way the Tigers came out explosive in the second half to secure the win.

Elliott on his halftime message to the offense

“Just to settle in and be who we are and to respond. You have the opportunity to respond, it’s the second half, it’s 0-0. The biggest thing for us, offensively, was to make sure we can establish the running game and we were able to do that coming out and it sparked the second half for us.”

 Elliott on the running game in the first half

“(Duke) has a lot of seven-man boxes. So they were dead set on getting those safeties down there and they were playing some soft coverage. They were rotating their safeties and trying to have an extra defender. The biggest thing there was we really didn’t get into a rhythm.”

Elliott on Travis Etienne

“The biggest thing with him was he was probably frustrated because he wasn’t playing well. He had a couple of carries and again the way it was going in the first half dictated that. But they’re were a couple of plays that he missed, too. Obviously, as a coach you know that and so he was a little bit frustrated.”

Elliott on positive takeaways

“I’m pleased with no turnovers and I’m pleased with no sacks. If you look at the stat sheet it is obviously a lot better than what it felt like because of the way we started in the second half, but to go throw this game and give up no sacks or turnovers and find a way to rush the ball for over 200 yards… I thought the guys really settled in.”

Elliott on the offensive line

“When you’re talking about no sacks and you run for 200 yards, literally we had 215 total yards and we had 17 rushing yards at the half. So you go for 200 rushing yards in the second half, I thought they played well and gave us a chance.”


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