Falcinelli is ready to win one for the thumb

Falcinelli is ready to win one for the thumb


Falcinelli is ready to win one for the thumb


Clemson center Justin Falcinelli spoke to the media Monday morning about what the South Carolina game means to him and his teammates.

Although he is from Maryland, this game is still just as big a deal to him as any other guy on the team. If the Tigers defeat the Gamecocks on Saturday, this will be the first time in 78 years that Clemson has won five times in a row.

Falcinelli on playing the Gamecocks

“Coach Swinney says it best, it’s a season of its own. It’s huge. It’s huge for all of our fans. It’s huge for the whole state. It’s just that important to us that we take each day like a week in the season. It’s just going forward, how do we want to be remembered, how great do we want to be.”

Falcinelli on beating South Carolina five years in a row

“That would be awesome. I think Coach said we haven’t done it in like 70 years or something like that. It would just be incredible if we could add that to the list of all of the things we have done this season. It’s just been crazy.”

Falcinelli on the emotions of playing the Gamecocks

“We try not to worry about it. We try to keep it the same. We try to keep doing what we do and do our work. We worry about Clemson. But, we know what’s riding on this one and that it’s a tough and emotional game. There’s some excitement around it.”

Falcinelli on running down the hill one last time

“It’s going to be a little surreal. When you’ve been doing it for so long you kind of take it for granted and then you realize it’s the last one and you have to try and make it special.”

Falcinelli on playing against former Tiger Josh Belk

“It will be fun. It’s always fun when you know a guy on the other side. That makes it really fun. I will be excited to see him play.”


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